Action Minutes – July 6, 2022

Five Board members have voted to donate $250 to Yuh-line Niou, NY State Assembly representing District 65. Members voted for: Francine Ly, Mengmeng Gu, Jose Esteves, Joel Wong and Kathleen

Action Minutes – May 22, 2022

1. US Congressman Ted Lieu, CA-district 33, is running for re-election. He’s been in US Congress since 2O15 and our PAC has always supported him. He’s done a lot of

Action Minutes: May 7, 2022

1. The NAAPAC Board has approved to donate $5OO to Judy Chu (CA) running for US House of Representatives. Members voted for: Ming Tao Jiang, Munsup Seoh, Ching-Chang Tsai, Fang

Action Minutes: April 28, 2022

1. Board unanimously approved to donate $10OO to Beto O’Rourke who is running for Texas Governor. Thanks very much, Kathleen

Action Minutes – April 21, 2022

1. Board approved to donate $1,500 to Sandeep Srivastava running for U.S. House of Representatives from Texas district 3. ( Members voted for: Fang Fang, Francine Ly, Joel Wong, Jose

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